Zonca International, over a century of light

There are brands that have written history. There are traditions that mark destinies. There are companies that, from the past, find the lifeblood for a new evolution, spanning time, trends and new market expressions. This is Zonca, a brand created almost a century ago that has grown in the fertile countryside of Oltrepò Pavese, a land of wines and ancient dexterity, where passion for lighting intersects with the events of three generations of family.

A story of quality and great intuition, able to transport emotions over the years, the same emotions that, today, distinguish Zonca International with renewed energy: a new corporate structure to approach and anticipate the future.

With this vision, Zonca International refines research by establishing precious collaborations with some of the world’s most famous contemporary designers. Light is the source of inspiration from which solutions dedicated to the most prestigious structures take shape: from the grandest international hotels to luxury residences, from the most surprising architectural projects to the relais de charme.

Zonca International follows every detail, from concept to installation, creating unique, personalised, tailor-made projects, which reflect a precise attention to technical and aesthetic requirements, the selection of the materials, the exclusive expertly handcrafted production.

This is how lamps with an exclusive style are made, creations that stand out across the world because of a series of intangible yet absolutely recognisable values: detail, setting, the taste for beauty. In short, “Made in Italy”, that has set the standard and that, today, even in its transformations and fusions, remains an essential point of reference for international design.