Damasco – Pendant lamp

Damasco, the jewel lamp created to enrich any environment with versatility and seduction.
The creative concept follows the modern trend in design customizable pendant lamps but the style has a baroque influence with delicate, laser-cut, decorations.

Whilst echoing far off lands, Damasco is faithfully Made in Italy: the design bears the signature of Marco Zonca, heir to the historic company which has been exporting Italian lighting art for over a century. In its cultured essence, Damasco is an innovative modular lighting system whose components are made of Venetian glass, completely blown, with finishes in silver, copper, nickel, black nickel and gold. Hanging can be adjusted with silk-covered cables.

Thanks to the delicate shades of pink, crystal, blue, bronze, fumè, dove grey and light blue, it is possible to create compositions, enhanced by metal parts with alternating polished and brushed effect, that do not limit the imagination and to thus design the space in an ever new way. 

The technology found in the Damasco is the latest generation with 2700°k LEDs that interact with the Dali dimmerable domotics system.

The latest creation from Zonca International is completely modular: each individual component (cables, metal parts, glasses) can be acquired and composed.

On a design, every composition you need is repricable with all the different finishing and the number of the lamps that will constitute the pendant lamp in his final configuration.