Studio MHNA

MHNA Studio

Founded in Paris over twenty years ago by Marc Hertrich and Nicolas Adnet, Studio MHNA specializes in interior design and the realization of design products.

Two personalities but one vision and the same intent to ‘beautify’ everyday life. Through architecture and interior design, the Parisian studio offers a cultured gaze and a personal vision of elegance, with respect for history and curiosity towards technology, art, and culture that transcends every barrier.

Studio MHNA is a laboratory of ideas with a particular attention to functionality, but it is also poetry with which it elaborates stories to be told in hotels, spas, and restaurants all over the world.


Together, Hertrich and Adnet personalise the products with the natural richness of the places they live in, drawing inspiration not only from local culture, traces, and traditions, but also from the unsurpassable talent offered by the artisans, true partners in design. And it is this common taste for storytelling and for customisation that made Studio MHNA and Zonca International’s paths cross: first stage of the journey, Mirroir, seductive wall lamp.