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Marco Piva

“There has been considerable collaboration over the years with companies in the field of design and lighting, but among these the collaboration with Zonca International is certainly one of the longest and most significant.

An alliance that began over 15 years ago during the design of the Suites for the Boscolo Exedra in Rome, where together we developed the entire lighting project, creating in particular large “custom made” decorative lamps capable of dominating, through their shapes and the light they emit, the monumental settings of the prestigious Hotel.

Since then, we’ve developed many collections with ZONCA and positioned the products within scenic settings; from architecture to interiors, right up to an urban scale.

We’ve “illuminated” hotels, residential facilities, public places and exhibitions in Italy and abroad.

The path with Zonca International stems from my vision of light as a fundamental element in the perceptive evolution of space, as a phenomenon through which the most complete knowledge of all that surrounds us is created. My yearning for experimentation has always been supported by both Fabrizio Zonca and his team, and this availability, combined with the technical skills and high quality standards that distinguish the company, has allowed me to explore the definition of geometries and shapes and use traditional and innovative materials in the constant search for new expressiveness to convey to luminous objects.

This partnership of ours has led to the creation of products that are not oriented towards serially produced articles, rather iconic items that are disconnected from the fashions of the moment.

Our research and production path has been rich with innovative and memorable products such as the Lighthours lamps, presented in Paris in 2005, which thanks to their elegant movement created a theatrical stage effect, the Loosy Goosy which was among the first LED reading lamps produced in Italy, the Deejay’s tribute to vinyl discs and the most recent lamps Meneghina, NightBook and X, made as custom creations for the prestigious Excelsior Hotel Gallia in Milan and which were eventually added to the catalogue following their huge success.

Currently, we’re working on new products with Zonca designed for both domestic and hospitality environments, which we will then add to the new projects underway, from the United States to Europe, from the Middle East to China.

These products are the result of the close collaboration between the designer and the company, while keeping in mind a future that is more and more attentive to the quality of light, both from a technical and emotional point of view.”

Marco Piva