Laleh Amir Assefi

Laleh Amirassefi

Ms Laleh Amir Assefi is an accomplished multicultural , architect, interior designer and artist. She is of Persian heritage and holds dual US and French citizenship. She studied architecture at the Beaux-Arts and graduated top of her graduating class. Subsequently, she specialized in urbanism at the Sorbonne.

Ms Laleh Amir Assefi‘s work is versatile, bold, and internationally sought after. Among her many projects, she was in charge of the architectural revitalization of Tehran in collaboration with the Municipality of Tehran and the Iranian Ministry of Culture. She was also architecture bureau chief at the Bouygues UK in London. After her work in London, she started a long lasting collaboration with the famous designer Jacques Garcia. During this time, she served as artistic &design director on various international projects, including: the Mamounia in Marrakech, the Nomad in New York City, the Vagabond in Singapore, the Oscar and Park Chinois in London.

Today, Ms Laleh Amir Assefi undertakes projects both nationally and internationally as an independent architect and designer. Her style is a balanced mix of western modernity and eastern tradition. Inspired by the art of Persian calligraphy, she incorporates poetry into her choice of light and furniture. Her work conveys passion, opulence, and sophistication. Her art takes you into a mystical journey where there are no borders or territories, only a universal appreciation for beauty and aesthetics