FZI Interiors | Elisabetta Frazuoli & Francesca Fezzi

FZI Interiors

FZI was established in 2006 by Elisabetta Frazuoli and Francesca Fezzi; two set designers and decorators who, despite having gained personal and professional experience in different fields, share a passion for the interpretation of spaces. An artistic alchemy of taste and style that incites refined and unique harmony and inspiration in interior design.

Thanks to their personal touch, hotels, show rooms, villas, historic buildings and private homes become works to be staged. The renovations, furnishings, fabrics and materials used are transformed into living elements that interact with the senses and the soul, creating an “original” story and refined artistic sensibility, even away from fashions and trends.

They have many artistic affinities that are close to the Zonca International world, with which they collaborated in the restyling of the Chateaux Monfort luxury hotel in Milan, creating magical atmospheres similar to a neo-romantic castle. A splendour that can be seen in the concept design of Signora and Signorina; elegant modern lamps, true jewels of light.