Celeste Dell'Anna | Designer Zonca International Milano

Celeste Dell’Anna

Celeste Dell’Anna is one of the most established and eclectic interior designers on the international scene; she’s a creator of dreams that become reality. Since the 80s she’s been an aesthete of emotions and has signed prestigious furnishings and projects, including luxury boutiques, hotels and restaurants that have taken shape in private homes, jets and yachts on an international scale.

Life is a film worth living with enthusiasm – says Dell ‘Anna – and I design life scenarios in which people move and live”.

What distinguishes Celeste Dell’Anna is her ability to interpret clients’ aspirations and wishes. Environments are needed to make life more glamorous and scenic, yet with an outlook on combining beauty with functionality.

This vision is the leitmotif of the collaboration with Zonca International; a combination that has seen the two companies work in parallel on various projects including the study and implementation of Bugle, a modern table lamp that carries out its role without necessarily resolving into pure essentiality, rather it falls perfectly into a context of pleasant aesthetic value.