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4BI & Associés


Beauty, contemplation and the art of living interpreted differently every day. This is the philosophy that inspires the 4BI & Associés agency, Bruno Moinard & Claire Bétaille, with which Zonca International had the pleasure of working with during the meticulous restoration of the Eden Hotel in Rome.

An 18-month project that brought the five-star hotel, inaugurated in 1889, back to its former glory. A hotel admired by royalty and celebrities and today part of the Dorchester Collection portfolio.

Bruno Moinard

Bruno Moinard, interior architect, scenographer, designer, illustrator and painter, founded his agency 4BI in 1996 upon leaving the team of Andrée Putman and Ecart International, which he joined in 1979. His scenographic mastery in numerous creations for museums, exhibitions or boutiques, including that of Cartier Foundation, led him quickly towards the world of luxury. One of his strengths resides in a subtle, elegant, refined and yet warm integration of French culture into each of his achievements in the world. In 2002, the Maison Cartier entrusted him with the creation and implementation of a new concept for its stores worldwide (340 to date), a partnership that has been continuing for fourteen years. Another remarkable achievement is Château.
Latour in Pauillac (owned by François Pinault) carried out in two phases (2003 and 2015).
In Paris, there has been Hermès’ headquarters (2007) and the Hôtel Plaza Athénée (2014); and in Reims, Hôtel Marc Veuve Clicquot (2011, LVMH). His well-established reputation has spread across Europe, with the Four Seasons Hotel in London (2015), and the Dorchester Hotel Eden in Rome (2017), and increasingly in Asia, especially in Japan and China with two hotels in Chengdu (2013).
He has also designed many private residences in France and abroad. In 2010, with Editions de La Martinière, he published his first book, «L’architecte Promeneur» followed in October 2015 by a second, entitled « Du Trait à la Lumière».

Claire Bétaille

Claire Bétaille graduated from the École du Louvre in 2001 and École Camondo in 2006, part of Les Arts Décoratifs cultural institution, the school offering a five-year course in interior architecture and design. The same year she created her own organization and successfully completed several private residence projects. Very quickly she realized that she was missing something that was essential for her: sharing and exchanging with others. A decisive encounter was to strongly influence her professional journey. Bruno Moinard welcomed her into his agency 4BI and
in 2007 invited her to contribute to the development of the concept and boutiques of Maison Cartier, a faithful client of the agency. From 2010 Claire would accompany the substantial development of 4BI internationally, notably in Asia. The richness of exchanges and fruitful collaborations convinced Bruno Moinard to invite Clair to become his associate, which was formalized in 2012.
Claire Bétaille and Bruno Moinard are now partners in the development of the agency now called 4BI & Associés.